Newark First Degree Murder ConvictionAn Essex County judge recently sentenced a New Jersey man to serve more than 100 years in prison for two murders committed in Newark, NJ.

According to Essex County NJ prosecutors, the murders were committed during a month-long crime spree.

The suspect shot and killed one of the victims during an armed robbery at JNC Mini Market. The market is a bodega in the Newark’s West Ward. The other victim was killed during a robbery on Orange Avenue in Newark, New Jersey.

The homicides were committed in December 2011 and January 2012. A Bergen County jury eventually convicted the suspect on murder charges. The suspect was also convicted of armed robbery.

During the trial in Essex County Superior Court, prosecutors presented the jury with a videotaped confession from the suspect. The video reportedly showed the suspect confessing to one murder and telling police that he was present for the other murder.

The suspect recently appeared in court for the sentencing hearing. The victim’s sisters testified at the sentencing hearing and told the superior court judge that they were devastated by the death of their brother.

The sentencing hearing concluded with the judge sentencing the suspect to more than 100 years in NJ State Prison. The suspect received 42 years for one of the murders and 62 years for the other killing.

The judge told the suspect the harsh sentence reflected the suspect’s “total lack of remorse” for the murders.

The suspect’s sentences will run consecutively, which means that they will be stacked one on top of the other. Moreover, the suspect will be ineligible for release on parole until he has served a minimum of 85 percent of each prison term.

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